Full Body Skin Examinations

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  • A full body skin examination, particularly on a new patient, is one of the longest, most comprehensive, and most important medical examinations that we perform.
  • Starting with the scalp and working down to the feet we will analyze and evaluate essentially every mark on your skin.
  • It is often at these examinations that we detect suspicious growths that the patients were not even aware that they had. For example, upwards of half of melanomas are detected on routine full body skin examinations or when the patient presents for evaluation of another unrelated mark on the skin.
  • High-resolution digital photography is often used to track the evolution of skin lesions over time.
  • Dermoscopy is used for fine evaluation of pigmented and non-pigmented lesions.
  • Biopsies and treatments are usually performed during this examination.
  • These examinations are generally treated as comprehensive evaluations of the entire skin and are scheduled individually.